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Title: 85 BMW 325e e30
Post by: thundering02 on May 30, 2012, 11:28:11 PM
Asking $450 for it, and all of my BMW parts (was originally going to sell the parts individually) including wheels and tires. anything BMW related in my shed will go with the car.

As it sits now it needs a water pump (will not hold enough water). Temp never went into or above the red.
Might need an alternator as that is directly in the path of the spray from the wp.
Should get timing set and valve adjustment soon and if you've got it that far apart anyways....
Good tires

Extra parts include full set of bottlecaps with junk tires (driftable), and a spare steel wheel.
BNIB rear slotted rotors (ATE brand) ($180)
E36 brake booster (upgrade), misc interior switches, trim, etc. Cap and rotor for distributor. lifetime pads from O'Rielly.

In the last approx 2 years
New battery, waterpump, alternator, sparkplugs, wires, tires, front wheel hub, headlights, most of the taillight bulbs, radiator cap,

Other than the idiot lights the gas and water gauges are the only ones I trusted.
No stereo or speakers to be included, the rewire that I did will stay to support anything you put in.
Pass front window has to be hot wired to go up.
Driver front window gets caught on door prop occasionally.
Passenger doors have the inside panels off at this moment but will be put back together if requested. (front from a break in months ago and the other was starting tint and never finished)
Odometer was broke before I got the car has 250,xxx marked car probably has closer to 315k-330k now

Pics are from when I bought it but nothing has changed visually.

Will be towed to ensure further damage is not done back to my house which is very close to Andy's shop.
This is partially dissembled as I was going to part it but its all there minus the passenger seat.

Title: Re: 85 BMW 325e e30
Post by: thundering02 on June 08, 2012, 08:11:33 PM